Memorial Day 2011


From all of us on the CSI Onsite Team, we ask you to pause… to remember… and to thank those who saw service to others and to country worth the cost of losing their lives. Remember the families left behind and if you know one of these families share your gratitude and your compassion for the cost they have now paid.

Remember the soldiers, the sailors, the airmen, the marines who came back home…without their brothers and sisters and have to live with those memories. Remember them and thank them, look them in the eye, say it out loud, and shake their hand.

This isn’t a pro-military post, it’s a pro-people post. And warriors are people who may have had to live through circumstances beyond what our simple post could describe. We hope you enjoy the freedom to celebrate this long weekend in safety and peace.

Be pro-people this weekend; pause, remember, be thankful…and let it show.