New Productivity Tip – “Undo” Short Cut

Thanks for taking some time to read our Blog! Our aim is to provide you with practical tips and tid-bits that peak your interest and improve your experience in front of the computer.

This productivity tip we call the “Undo” short-cut. You will find this useful in just about every situation within the Microsoft operating system family, Microsoft products, and almost all other applications. This also works in browser based forms or image editing tools (i.e.: MSPaint, Facebook, online applications, etc).

Here is the Short Cut:
Push and hold down the “Ctrl” or control Key and then push down the “Z” key.

There are a number of uses for this short cut (we will look at just one or two this time around). Here is a situation where you can use the “Undo” short cut. You have a report/email/postcard that you are crafting in MS-Word/Outlook/Publisher (respectively). As you are typing away you find that you want undo the last word or sentence you typed (i.e.: a misspelling, wrong word, or sloppy sentence). You can simply hold down the “Ctrl” Key and then push down the “Z” key. This will effectively undo your last action. The amount of material removed will vary from program to program therefore we highly recommend you experiment with non crucial information a few times to become familiar with how it responds in each environment.

Give this short cut a try and let us know if you found it useful.  Join us for our next blog on further uses for the “Undo” short-cut.