Open Windows Explorer Short-Cut


Welcome back, hope your weekend was fantastic.

Now that you have mastered the “Open the Start Menu” short-cut, let’s try another.

…you did master it, right?

Open Windows Explorer” shortcut
Not to be confused with “Internet Explorer”, we use the Windows Explorer short-cut as the quickest way to get to certain parts of the computer. If you need to locate anything on your computer i.e. something on your hard drive, or perhaps an externally attached device (a USB Flash drive or an MP3 Player), for whatever reason, this is by far the fastest way to get around your computer.

Here is the shortcut:

Simply hold the “Windows” key down and then push the “E” and the Windows Explorer window will open. The “Windows” key is located in the lower left side of your keyboard, bottom row, 2nd key. It is adjacent to the Control key (Ctrl).

Until next time, have a happy Monday and a great week!