Philosophy & Lawnmowers


Normally we post blogs focused on information technology, productivity, and announcements related to our company CSI Onsite. This post will be a little different.

If your life is anything like mine (John Guist, CSI Onsite’s resident bloganisto) there is a tremendous amount of demand on your time. All of us are always on the lookout for anything that can increase our efficiency, improve our daily lives, and reduce our spending. All of that while trying to balance values we hope to embrace and impart.

Recently I have researched content related to productivity tips to pass on to our customers via CSI Onsite’s Web Site. But I have also been preparing for summer 2011 at the Guist home. This includes spending time with family, caring for the garden, and mowing the lawn.  I am passionate about the first two; they are part of my core values system. Mowing the lawn ends up stealing time from the activities that embrace my values. Somehow the CSI efficiency tips and summer planning came together in a miasma of thought. Here for your consideration, are the results.

I had an epiphany: Find a way to make lawn mowing an activity that is economical, efficient, and value-embracing. Believe it or not the solution was found in “old” technology, a push powered reel lawn mower.

How does this solve the challenge of making lawn mowing economical, efficient, and value-embracing? I’m glad you asked.

  1. Reel Mowers are less expensive to own and operate.
    The initial purchase price for a Reel mower is much lower compared to that of a quality gas powered lawn mower. Since there is no engine (aside from you) you do not have to purchase fuel, spark plugs, or oil. That’s money that can be used in another way or saved. There is also a time savings as you don’t have to deal with refueling, and there is less maintenance and repair.
  2. Reel Mowers do a better job cutting grass. That is to say the method reel mowers use for cutting grass causes no damage to each individual blade of grass. Which in turn means you can keep the lawn shorter and healthier causing the roots to grow deeper. That means less watering which saves time and money. Because of this you will end up with shorter cuttings which end up hitting the soil quicker, holding weeds down and nourishing the soil. That’s a triple win!!
  3. Reel Mowers are quiet.  This means you can talk on the cell phone, listen to music, the radio, the birds, and even converse with a family member. Are you seeing a pattern form? Each aspect I have mentioned so far touches on the targets I was aiming at in a solution.
  4. Reel Mowers are safe. You can teach your kids how to mow the lawn with a lower degree of danger as the reel mower doesn’t throw stones and it stops when you do.
  5. Short on time to exercise? A reel mower requires you to walk more than a powered mower as they tend to have a narrower cutting path. These mowers are also powered by you, not an engine, so as you mow you get a good cardio walk out of the experience.
  6. Reel Mowers take up less space to store. Unless you are Martha Stewart, you are probably maxed out in your garage and shed.
  7. Reel Mowers cause absolutely no damage to the environment. Does this really need a rationale? Whatever you politics or worldview this is a win-win scenario for everyone

Planning on investing in lawn care equipment for this season? Consider switching to a push powered Reel Mower. There are a number of pros and cons to consider, but you may find that this change slows you down a bit and brings a level of satisfaction to your life you wouldn’t have expected from a menial task like mowing the lawn.

Who knows? Maybe it will help you in other areas of life as you have a quiet time to walk and enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass. I’ll even let you come to the Guist home and cut mine.