The Always Popular “Copy” Short Cut!


I write this blog deep from within the Wisconsin wilderness…isn’t technology great. Welcome to CSI Onsite’s blog.  This particular blog will be in the “Productivity Tips” category, but we do also blog about other topics as well in and out of the IT industry.

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Today’s productivity tip is the “Copy” short cut.  This is a keyboard short cut for copying content (data/text/numbers, etc…) in many different environments.

This is one of the most frequently used short cuts you will find in almost any editing situation you encounter. For example when you are composing a letter and you wish to also put the content of the letter in a power point presentation or an email, this short cut gives you that ability to do so. You can also copy images such as photos or clip art.

Here is the Short Cut:

After you highlight the section of text and or the image you wish to copy (a forthcoming short cut)., press and hold the “Ctrl” key and then push the  “C” key to copy the highlighted.

Tha’s it. Now you are ready to paste your content…but that, my friends, is another Short Cut to share at a later date. Try your hand at the “Copy” short cut and let us know how it worked for you.

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