The “Cut” Short Cut


Good day or evening (depending on when you read this blog). Last week we demonstrated how you can copy content with the Copy” short cut, and then paste that content with the Paste” short cut. Now we come to the third short cut in what we call the editing short cuts, the “Cut” short cut.

You would use this short cut in many different programs within the MS Office suite. Most often we use this when we are editing/proofing emails, quotes, letters, and in our Excel databases.  Say for example you are in Microsoft Word, composing a letter, and you have crafted a magnificent paragraph…but it just doesn’t feel like it is in the right position of the letter. You want to move it to the conclusion, and don’t want to miss a word or leave one behind after you have copied and pasted the paragraph into its new position. In other words, you want use the computer world’s version of an erasure. This short cut will do the job.

How to use the Short Cut

After you are certain you have copied what you need and have it pasted again in its entirety, go back to the content (Text/Picture/Image) you wish to cut and highlight it.

Push and hold down the “Ctrl” key, then push down the “X” key.  This will cut eh highlighted material. If by chance you have cut the wrong material, have no fear, you can use the Undo or the Undo 2” short cuts we shared with you in an earlier blog.

The old saying “measure twice, cut once” applies here as well, it never hurts to err on the side of caution and certainty when it comes to removing content from a letter (or any other project you may be working on).


Tune in next week for another simple, easy to use productivity tip from CSI Onsite.