“Undo” 2 – the much anticipated sequel to the blockbuster “Undo” Short Cut

?We previously shared the “Undo” short-cut with you to use within MS-Word/Outlook/Publisher. The tip was primarily referring to text. Today we want to look at using the “Undo” short-cut in other instances as well. One of the key ideas to keep in mind when using the “Undo” short-cut is this can also restore a portion of text and or an image that you may have mistakenly removed.  “Undo” is not a delete button, it is a revert function.

If you are pasting images, JPEGs, etc in a MS Office Doc (Word/Publisher/Power Point) and you want to experiment with these images this short cut will become your friend very quickly. You can add or remove images, text boxes, or whatever it is you are using in a very time and ergonomically efficient manner.

If you are experimenting with sizes the “Undo” short-cut will also revert the size changes you are making. This can apply to font size, image size, file naming… you name it “Undo” will undo it.

For your review here is the short cut:
Push and hold down the “Ctrl” or control Key and then push down the “Z” key. Each time you push the “Z” down it will “Undo” an action (the number of “Undo”s will depend upon a number of variables)

The best way to use this or any of the tips we share in our blogs is to take a few minutes and give’em a try. If you can, will you try the “Undo” right now? In fact why don’t you add a comment to the blog and while you are doing so, try undoing something a few times.
When you are finished experimenting with any of our tips would you drop us a note?
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