IT Phone Scams









Good day to you.

We have received a number of email and phone calls regarding our customers’ receiving a”Tech Support call from the State of Minnesota” because their computer operating system is at risk. Let me put this in extremely technical language…Horse Hockey!

That is a scam, and the people are trying to gain access to your computer, your info, and/or your financial data.

Here are a few red flags to watch for:
1.  They call and there is a pause, after which they might use your name, and proceed to tell you your computer is at risk

2.The phone # shows up on caller I.D. as from out of state or out of the country

3. The call sounds like it’s coming from inside a call center

4. They won’t give you there supervisor’s name

5. They ask for control of your computer, your S.S. # and you CC#s

Don’t give them anything. Ask for a phone #, ask for their company’s name, their supervisor’s name and their phone #. Ask them for a website or to send you literature.

That’s all we want to share with you…a quick heads up. Stay vigilant, stay safe and enjoy your day!!