John Guist



Hello! We hope you are enjoying the beautiful Spring weather here in Minnesota, worldwide headquarters for CSI Onsite. It’s nice and sunny…and really cold. Cold and snowy, that’s not Spring! This is why native Minnesotans live for weekends in the summer…we only have about 4 actual warm days a year.

For this week’s post we learn about a longtime CSI Onsite employee, John Guist. Apart from the President of CSI Onsite John has worn the most “hats” at CSI. John started with us in April of 2008 as the office manager, project coordinator, black ops, and managing various project for the company. Now a day he doesn’t have a specific title but he manages our Social Media, Customer Touch, and company Outreach. Aside from his work with CSI Onsite, John and his wife Page are bi-vocational church planting pastors…which means they have started a church and work outside the church to pay the bills. They have been married for 18 years and out the very proud parents of 4 children. Our CEO, Mark Wheatley, interviewed John for this blog, here is the transcription.

Me (Mark):  Where were you born?
John: I was born in Chicago, in a military hospital.

Me:       When were you born
John:    May 31st
Me:        So tell us where you grew up?
John:    We traveled because my pops was a soldier, but eventually settle in MN (Rosemount)

Me:      Tell me about your family.
John:    I am married to my beautiful bride Paige; we begin our 19th year of marriage in June of
2013. We have four children (3 sons & 1 daughter) ranging from 13 yrs to 4 months.
Zachary (12), Izabella (10), Elijah (8) and Zebadiah (4 months).





Me:      What is your job at CSI?
John:    Social Media Director – Customer Touch. I generate the blogs for our Website, and the content for our social networks.

Me:      Do you have any hobbies?
John:    I enjoy being outdoors, playing guitar, riding horse, Martial Arts, motorcycling, Art,
MMA, & gardening.

Me:      So you like to paint/draw, sing, play guitar, grow vegetables and you like beat up people?
John:    I don’t like to beat people up and it’s more about defending myself and protecting others.
But yes, I can beat up people…when it is necessary.

Me:      How often is it necessary?
John:    None of your business.

A short scuffle ensued because I wouldn’t let John avoid the question. I am told the swelling will go away soon…he moves really fast for a big guy!

Me:      Do you have any pets?
John:    Not currently…well we live in the boonies do coyotes count?
Me:      Do you beat them up too?
John:    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Me:      Are you growling at me…ah moving right along
What is your favorite Meal or Comfort food?
John:   My Wife’s Possum Stew, anything on the grill, Hot Tamales,
Lime Green Kool Aid
Me:      Possum…what are you a hick? Where do you get Possum? Are you eating road kill?!
John:   Well Kind of, and there isn’t any Possum in the stew city boy. It’s a meal she makes using
black beans, chili beans, pinto beans, navy beans, (2 cans each), soup stock, veggies,
chicken, cayenne pepper, and some other stuff.

Me:      What has been your best job and your worst job?

John:    Worst Job – Work in a factory stuffing plastic trays into the bins that held them. I worked
day and told the temp agency no thanks…great motivation to get back to college
Best-    Working as a Cow Boy on a ranch or being a Church Planting Pastor…it’s a toss up

Me:      What is something people would (NOT) know about you by looking at you?
John:    That I am a pastor/preacher.

John Guist. One of my co-workers and possum eating friend for over twenty three years. Come on by our shop some time and meet the whole team, we are located at 8200 Grand Avenue South Ste. 400, Bloomington, MN. We’d love to meet you! And John promised – no possum when you visit.


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