Keyboard Shortcuts Abound…Why?


Are you wondering why I (John, the blogger for CSI Onsite) keep presenting you with keyboard shortcuts?
Well, I’ll tell you. The truth is I care. I know, sounds trite, but it’s true. Let me explain


Human beings are not physiologically designed to be sitting at a desk, for hours at a time, using a computer. I don’t think we are psychologically designed to do so either. I know I’m not, a few hours of sitting at t desk typing or reading and I get a little crazy.

Even so much of what is called “Knowledge Work” involves sitting at a desk using a keyboard as part of your day to day work. On top of that we spend a lot of time in our culture on the computer after work as well. Let’s think about time at the keyboard for a moment:

– 8 years at 2-4 hours a day at school. That is 86,400 minutes of keyboarding.

– An average work span 46 years. That is 92,000 hours of keyboarding or 5,520,000 minutes.

– Factor in 2 hours a day 6-7 days a week for home use in the same time frame – and you have an additional 28,796 hours or 1,727,760 minutes of keyboarding.

What we are looking at here is an astounding Seven million, Three hundred thirty four thousand, and one hundred sixty minutes of repetitive motion movements with our hands,  fingers, wrists, forearms, arm joints, shoulders, head and neck.  Here is that number again:


This is a lot of time and or usage on your body parts (not including the wear and tear on your back, neck, spine…).

That said, we can help. This is why we use keyboard shortcuts; it increases efficiency, reduces fatigue and lessons the probability of long term damage to your joints and soft tissue. Healthy joints and muscles…we like that!

So keep checking back in with us and feel free to give us a call, and we will give you the best shortcuts we have to aid in your computing health and well being.

We would love to hear from you!