Reflection…practice the Pause.

Reflection 1


Thanks you very much for spending some of your valuable time reading our Blog!

For today’s post I thought we should carry out one of the world’s most ancient, productive, and paradoxical disciplines…Reflection. It’s paradoxical because we are a society obsessed with believing more is better and rest is a waste of time. In western society we rarely pause, reflect, ponder, learn, and refresh. And that’s to our detriment. 




Pausing to slow down and look back is both physically and emotionally recharging.  It also is one of the best learning methods available to human beings. Learning from your past to repeat great choices and avoid poor ones would save so many people so much grief and frustration. So let’s look back at the past few months of blog posts from our website’s blog. You will find amongst these insightful tib-bits anything from a celebration of life to the easy computer maintenance. There’s also a blooper reel that pretty funny as well.

We endeavor to share insights into the world of Information Technology spanning the spectrum of corporate America, various manufacturing industries, sales, and home user. It is also our desire to make you laugh and enjoy your time reading our posts, and maybe learn something about life that you might not expect to come from an IT company.

Why would we do that? I’m glad you asked. Our mission at CSI Onsite is to impact our customers and our community in positive ways. Yes we do get paid, and we do need to earn a living, but that’s not the reason we show up  day after day.Reflection 2

On our staff we have decades of IT, Tech, Leadership, and Solution Providing experience. We retire and active military. People who can knit, build & launch rockets, a motorcycle racer, and Iron Butt Run Motorcycle riders (1000 miles in under 24 hours / 1500 miles in under 36 hours!). We even have an M.M.A. trained police chaplain and pastor.

So you see we have a wealth of experiences to share with our customers and the rest of all y’all. I know I am biased, but there really is a lot you can learn from the folks at CSI Onsite that goes beyond the normal parameters of an IT company. I happen to enjoy our team and I believe you will too. Oh I’ almost forgot!  Of course we’ll fix your computer, build your networks, find you software, devise solutions, keep you working and help you succeed in your business ventures as well.

Reflection 3

Please take some time, reflect on what we have posted for the past few weeks, share your thoughts and let us know how we can serve you and your business.


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