The James Bond Solution


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Recently we received a call from one of our customers who was in a bit of a sticky wicket. We will call this customer Skip (fictional name). One of our very skilled techs took the time to listen to the issue and let Skip know that he would come down to his new office site and do everything he could to resolve the situation. In our last blog I created a video to demonstrate the issue and the solution that our technician implemented to resolve the customer’s problem.  In this post I will attempt to describe in words the solution our tech devised.

Skip, one of our valued customers, was moving to a new office space.



He had everything set, except for setting up internet access at the new place. wifisigWhen he called to schedule the move he was informed, much to his chagrin, that the provider prefers a 30 days lead time (15 work days is the required lead time for guaranteed service). Needless to say, it was not 30 days out, and even though Skip did order and pay for expedited services (7 days), believing that he had taken care of the situation and his companies need for internet access.

When Skip moved in and there was no internet he called us.

This does not work for Skip or his company.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




Like most of corporate America, his work is internet dependant, so we received a rather frantic phone call from Skip. This is where CSI Onsite excels (in my humble yet correct, opinion). Not only do we handle these crises keeping you in business, but we then do our best to help you avoid these types of situations in the future.


Once our tech (Mark-real name) worked on the phone and onsite with the multiple providers involved to get Skip the expedited service. He also explained the because of the lead time requirement/and order timing (during a holiday season thus expanding the wait time) that Skip would be without internet access for a number of days. Mark arrived at the new office space and did quick recon of the available resources and the needs of Skip’s company. The first think Mark did was to get all of the cabling in place and ready for the ISP tech to then simply provide the connection to his companies’ network.

Since this wasn’t going to happen for a number of day (5 in this case) Mark had to find a solution for that issue as well He found an accessible wireless internet signal that he could access with a laptop, and fed the signal into a network switch. This in essence turns the laptop/switch functionally into a Router. This is possible through a little known capability called ICS or Internet Connection Sharing. From this router he could then create a temporary network so Skip and his employees could access the internet, the company server, and carryout network activities (printing, file sharing, centralized storage). Once the ISP was in place Mark disassembled the temporary solution and implemented the permanent one.

I thought that was AWESOME! That’s why I say we have the best techs in the business. Now go back and watch the video and let me know if it makes sense and captures the situation very well.

One side note…the music I chose was what Mark was humming as he implemented the solution. Until next time have a fantastic week and please let us know how we can partner with you to improve your IT experience.