Blogess Interuptess…It’s All Mine Moneypenny Redux.

As the Cloud Wars continue we at CSI Onsite want to keep you informed on what we have found to be useful to our customers and in our own personal/business experience. Don’t know what the Cloud Wars are?  Not to worry, the concept is very simple to comprehend. The difficulty comes in wading through the claims of each of the prospective competitors.

This is where working with a company like CSI Onsite become vital to finding practical advice for setting the direction for your business’ IT structure. I (John The blog guy) have been researching two of the major players in the Cloud Wars, Google & Microsoft. And I’m both impressed and a bit overwhelmed. After I had done decent amount of reading and using my own personal experiences with Google apps I was ready to write the next CSI blog  comparing Google apps and MS 365. Then I made the choice to speak with one of our techs about it. Long story short…I’m not satisfied with my current understanding of the some of the finer points of comparison between these two products. I should have never talked with Mark…dude cooked my noodle!

With all that said, I’m not done with my research into this topic and am postponing that blog for another day.
In the mean time I wanted to share one of my personal favorite (previously published) blogs with you.

Have a great week!

Welcome to our humble yet, intriguing blog. We are so glad you joined us!

Our purpose for these posts is to give you the reader a window into the world of Jamessolutions; solutions for IT issues, leadership challenges, corporate communication and some other eclectic areas as well.

I know told you last week we would look at When & How to use data encryption, but I came across an amazing story that I want to share with you. It has to do with a real life situation that one of our techs encountered this past week.

Rather than write it out, I’m going to try something new…a video.


See if you can guess what happened  and write  you comments  for me to read. I’ll tell you later exactly what happened, for now, enjoy the sleuthing.

See ya next week!