A Few Considerations for BYOD.


If your company is considering a BYOD initiative there are a few necessary considerations/best practices to pursue. However you choose to do BYOB make it simple for your company to ensure effective security, control and management for your IT division.

The purpose for this blog isn’t to give you the step by step process for a working BYOB policy. For that we recommend that you use a highly competent ,


well trained,


team of trustworthy IT professionals…with rugged good looks.

I simply want to give you some thought to chew on around an area of corporate IT that is consistently expanding.

Quick tip:

Although it is understandable that IT will want to develop specific policies for every conceivable scenario, the reality is that most considerations can be addressed through the application of a few simple, consistent guidelines.


  1. Who is/is not allowed to use personal.
  2. Consider: frequency of travel, worker type, performance, etc…need for offline access to sensitive data.
  3. Managers should always have final approval over which team members are appropriate candidates.

Allowed devices

  1. What apps will be involved?
  2. How will apps be use/installed?
  3. What technology is available to carry out the purpose for BYOB?
  4. Consider Vendor relationships

These last few consideration you really should hammer out with a –logo- fantastic, talented, witty and creative IT team. I won’t add any comment to the principles, but do strongly encourage to contact your trusted IT pro to work through each item.

–          Service availability

–          Security and Compliance

–          Device support and maintenance

There ya have it, a short list of basic considerations for having your own BYOB initiative. And just in case I haven’t shared this CSI Onsite can help you with this campaign…give us a call.