Another Great Addition to CSI Onsite – Joy Beckman


Full Name:  Joy Eleanor Beckman

Where were you born? Edina, MN

Where did you grow up? Bloomington, MN

Tell me a little about your family:  Golly where to start… I have a mom and dad, 2 brothers and a sister. An amazing hubby and 2 fabulous kiddos 10 and 8!  Then there are all the amazing in laws that I get the honor to have and love them all!  I am rich and blessed with my family!

Job at CSI: Since I love people, sales and relationships I get the privilege to use all those areas here with the team.  I love the connection with the client!

Hobbies:  Laughing, cooking, baking, reading, singing, acting, and then laughing again!  Baking is very therapeutic especially when I know that I am able to do for others.

Pets: I had a couple dogs when I was younger, and then my husband and I attempted to have and train a dog.  Then we lovingly gave her to a family that would give her what she needed!! We at this time at have no pets.

Favorite Meal/Comfort food: That’s a tough one to answer since I REALLY love food…all food! But if I had to think of a favorite meal it would be an outstanding salad with chicken, fruits and some sort of nut and feta or blue cheese! Ohhh and great bread! I love my bread! Then comfort food is by far peanut butter m&ms.  I have a certain way of eating them, and it’s for sure a comfort food. If my husband knows that I had a tough day he will sometimes come home with a little bag of those for me.

Best Job: I was a business owner with a clothing line, and the relationships laughs and image consulting that I did was amazing! I still do image consulting on the side, so I get the best of both worlds!

Worst job? Wow I have had a few to choose, but I would have to say working at a tailoring shop. Hahaha I had no idea what I was doing, and low and behold I wasn’t there long either!

What is something people would not know about you by looking at you? I love the sound of the hairdryer!!!!!  Sometimes it put’s me to sleep!