CSI Onsite’s Back To School Supplies Drive


C2CTechs you can trust…..Techs with a heart

We hope you are enjoying your summer! It goes by so quickly…it is hard to believe this but in only forty-one days, another school year is beginning. This is brought to your attention not to depress you (although this will happen to any human between the ages of 6 and 18) but to enlist your partnership with one aspect of CSI Onsite you may not know was a part of our core values.

CSI Onsite is proud of the hard work we do fulfilling all aspects of your technical needs: Computer Service Installation, but we are also equally proud to give back to our wonderful community with our: Community Service Involvement program.

Points To Ponder:

– On average, a teacher pays $1000/per school year out of pocket to help fill their classrooms with needed items.

– In the Bloomington (Home city to CSI Onsite) & Richfield, school districts on average 45% of  our children are on
free/reduced lunch programs.

These students are more than likely unable to purchase a backpack or the necessary back to school items to start the new school year. Being Techs with a heart as well as Techs you can trust, we are going to do what we can to help…And we invite you to join in our efforts.

We are proud to announce we are partnering with Companies to Classrooms, a non-profit organization located in Bloomington. This company relies on donations to fill their shelves with items teachers and students need. Teachers in the Bloomington, Richfield and Shakopee school districts can shop for items for their classrooms, and they pass these items on to children in need. Companies to Classrooms also helps provide students with beginning of the year backpacks filled with the essentials to help them get a great start to the new school year. Bettie Ronning and Joy Beckman are our point people for this endeavor. Please feel free to contact them at 952-928-1788 or via email:   bettie@0405957.netsolhost.com or joy@0405957.netsolhost.com.


Companies to Classrooms also accepts items (confirm your donation will be accepted) you may no longer be using, such as: old letterhead paper. They re-purpose your old office products into items for use in classrooms.

We will be bring all of our gathered/donated items from all of you on Friday, August 22nd to help fill the shelves as the teachers start getting their classrooms ready. If you would like to join us in this cause, feel free to drop off your items at CSI Onsite office or one us would be happy to pick items up from your site.

Please consider joining CSI Onsite and we can help lighten some of the financial burden for our dedicated teachers and help some families in need! Again please direct any questions you have to:    Joy or Bettie at 952-928-1788. joy@0405957.netsolhost.com or bettie@0405957.netsolhost.com.

Thank you very much for your consideration.