Microsoft XP, the countdown continues.


If you are a dyed in the wool, Microsoft XP devotee’ you are probably grieving the eventually decommissioning of XP.  XP was first introduced in August of 2001 and became readily available in October of that same year.

It’s had a good run, as far as OS’s go but XP simply cannot keep up with the ever changing level of technology experienced in the corporate, academic, and home user environments. I made the change last year in June because I could not install a new app that I needed to use, and there simply wasn’t a fix. Believe me if there was my guys at CSI Onsite would know, find it, or create it. They all said…time for a new machine Johnny.

With that said, not everyone can expediently pick up a new computer for any number of reasons. For some it is simple economics, others don’t like change, what they have works so why mess with a good thing? My Grandma Schouweiler was like that and she was very creative and resourceful, if not a little stubborn ‘If God didn’t give us Day light saving time, then we don’t need and I’m not doing it.” And she didn’t for 94 years. Now that worked for her because she lived in a small rural farming community Kellogg & Wabasha, MN to be exact. She made her own clothes, grew her own food and made homemade bread every day.

Unfortunately for you and me and the rest of the computing world life just isn’t that simple anymore. Gone are the days when 2 GB was a huge amount of memory, I have more RAM in my phone for Pete’s sake! Technology both in the software and hardware arenas has grown in complexity at an exponential rate since the inception of Windows XP…time to move forward folks.

Now with all that said there is a bit of a reprieve for some of you, I can’t tell you who, because that would require one of our technicians doing an overview of your IT network. I can tell you that there are some extensions the Microsoft is doing.

What we recommend is that you begin (last year) now to plan on replacing your XP machines a.s.a.p. Contact us and we can set up a scope of project for you and make this a manageable, doable project, rather than a major stress inducer. I also recommend reading up in the blog-o-sphere – reputable sites only. If you stumble upon Schecky’s IT to go and Dry Clean Emporium and they are offering a “free download” to help you out do not, I repeat, DO NOT DOWNLOAD it or believe anything they publish. Get out of that site immediately and go take a shower or burn some incense…bad vibes.

Here are a few reputable blogs for your information and education. Please call and discuss any questions you have with one of our technicians.  Remember these are stop-gap measures you will read about, not methods to eliminate the need to purchase a new computer with the newer OS’s like Win 7, Win 8, and so on. Have a great week.


Microsoft will furnish malware assassin to XP users until mid-2015

Microsoft will furnish malware assassin to XP users until mid-2015

You can keep using XP for another year, but do you really want to?

Microsoft extends XP anti-malware support until July 2015

Microsoft antimalware support for Windows XP

Microsoft extends malware protection to XP foot-draggers