Open Mesh – Cloud Based Mangement Wireless Networks


We want to take a little time to tell you about an amazing modular wireless network system called Open Mesh. It doesn’t replace your router, it will expand your Wi-Fi network’s range, speed, and overall efficiency. And it is one of the most cost efficient IT solutions we have ever come across.

Open Mesh is a product that CSI Onsite has incorporated into our services as your one-stop IT shop. It is truly a remarkable, creative, refreshingly amazing modular cloud-based wireless management-network system.

To give you an idea of what modular by design means and how open mesh approaches this unique means of managing your wireless network, let’s take a quick look through Open Mesh’s hardware.

Mesh Enabled

As you begin to incorporate Open Mesh into your Wi-Fi network you will discover some really cool features. First of all each Open Mesh access point is what they call “mesh enabled.” All that means is that the units can be installed like traditional access points hardwired to your Internet in this can be used to extend your Wi-Fi coverage (each unit will require power via a power supply or POE converter). The access points all work together to form a self-organizing/self-healing Wi-Fi network. Now your network can extend to the farthest reaches of your office space, restaurant, where your home property… And no cables will be necessary, isn’t that something!

Access Points

Open Mesh hardware is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other cloud-based mesh Wi-Fi solutions, and they offer three well made, reliable access points:

–       OM2P – LC:     This is an internal use, access point. With a max speed rating of 150 Mbps and

–       OM2P – HS:     Open Mesh’s fastest, most powerful, indoor/outdoor access point featuring dual internal antennas and featuring two POE switches. Rated at a max speed of 300 Mbps.
–       OM2P’s:         The OM2P is Open Mesh’s external access point with a single external antenna. Designed for use in outdoor situations with a max speed rating of 150 M bps.

If you’re interested in learning more about these access points, give one of our technicians a call to discuss your wireless challenges and the best solution available.

Modular Hardware

Open-Mesh designed their access points, enclosures and accessories to be used in a creative-modular fashion. This truly is a modular by design wireless management system. Your Trusted IT Advisor can optimize your Wi-Fi network based on the needs of your environment (range, speed, location, décor [think enclosures], environment, cost, etc.). If the needs change, not to worry, the entire Open Mesh product line is truly modular-all of the access points will seamlessly work in together and we can upgrade your system accordingly. Once you have determined your need, purchased your product, and finally installed and your hardware then you are ready to test out your new Open Mesh wireless network.


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