The Mighty, Mini Raspberry Pi -Part Two


If you consider yourself a techno-stein, hacker, or a dedicated IT enthusiast, and you’ve never heard about the Raspberry Pi, you’re in for a treat.

In our last blog simply titled Raspberry Pi we briefly explored the credit card sized computer called Raspberry Pi and the organization (Raspberry Pi Foundation) responsible for creating and marketing this minute’ technological marvel.

Because of the Raspberry Pi’s original purpose – inspiring young minds to use the Raspberry Pi to learn coding/programming – it would take more time than you have in your schedule to read a blog listing the possibilities available through a Raspberry Pi. However you can find quite a treasure trove of information and inspiration at the Raspberry Pi website you will find a download tab where you can download a proprietary Debian operating system, a Fedora Remix, and a few media centers… As well as a few other goodies all for free.

You will also find a community tab connecting you with an international community Raspberry Pi users. One side note to keep in mind as your read through the plethora of info on the site, in the UK the use of the term hacker carries a different connotation than it does here in the United States of America; think more along the lines of the do-it-yourselfer, rather than a nefarious, ultra geek bent on making their mark with a vicious zero day virus.

As I researched the newsletters, blogs, and resources I came across a number of YouTube videos giving examples of what a person can do with the “Pi.” There was something called Binaudios, a musical instrument, a Pi-Academy and projects too numerous to list.

If you are interested in learning more about Raspberry Pi take the time to explore their site and take 18 minutes to watch this video of Raspberry Pi Foundation CEO Lance Howarth doing a Ted Talk at TEDx Oxbridge entitled Empowering a Tech-Capable Generation. Mr. Howarth does a fantastic job giving us insight to the vision of the Raspberry Foundation and the inventive endeavors carried out by Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

I witnessed first had just how quickly the Raspberry Pi can generate excitement and creativity. As I was talking through my research with CSI Onsite Tech John Juska, John_and_Kjyrsten_Juskawe were quickly joined by the entire tech team. John was explaining his exposure to Raspberry Pi and it’s capabilities and I watched as grown men got excited as 7 year old boysmsIE threatZeb with their first Lego set… They wanted to go purchase a “Pi” immediately and begin playing, ahh, I mean perform professional testing on the device.

If you are interested in promoting computer coding, programing and creative invention with any group of people in your circles of influence, look into purchasing a Raspberry Pi, and watch the wonder come alive.