The priceless value of leadership humor



“Never underestimate the motivational power of leadership humor …” James Bohn Ph.D.

If you haven’t noticed from perusing our blog, CSI Onsite is not your average IT Company. I happen to think we have an extraordinary skill set as well as a unique approach to doing what we do. Part of this philosophy includes sharing with you resources we discover that will improve you and your company.

This is why you find recommendations to read other posts from people like Leary Gates, or companies such as Lumina Consulting Group, ProAxious, BoldPath Life Strategies, and Dream Intensive workshop just to mention a few.

As I ponder the blog for this week, which actually happened last week, I found a posting on LinkedIn that has stuck with me the entire week. I actually found two posts and finally decide to share with you the one I read first (I’ll share the other with you at a later time, it’s great stuff!).

It isn’t a “tech” post at all, rather it is a leadership insight. It was authored by an Organization Change Management giant named Dr. Jim Bohn. Jim describes himself as a “blue collar man with a Ph.D.…but I can tell you from personal experience with his work he truly has insight and wisdom in the fields of Organizational Transformation and leadership Development. Jim is also a husband, father, granddad, an accomplished singer songwriter, gifted musician, and a man of many other talents.

I believe as you read though it you will begin to understand the inspirational power of leadership humor and what it can bring to bear in the life of any organization.

It will be worth the 2 minutes it take to read Dr. Bohn’s post…and the necessary time of thinking through what he shared to find how it best fits your situation.

Enjoy, and please let us know how this idea impacts you and your organization.

The priceless value of leadership humor

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