Top 10 Catch Phrases that didn’t make it as CSI Onsite’s Catch Phrase


CSI Onsite…Techs you can trust. This is a great vision statement that really does capture the heart of what we want to be as a company. This statement did not just fall in our laps; we worked with nationally recognized personal and venture coach Leary Gates (Lumina Consulting Group, BoldPath Life Strategies, and to brand CSI Onsite as accurately as possible.


I can’t say enough about Leary’s insights, his knowledge, his creativity, and the vast experience that was a wealth of resource for our company. I literally began to believe that when we encountered a road block Leary had a connection that would help us navigate through said block!

If you are in currently in a place with your company where you are finding the need to re-brand, or simply brand your company connect with CSI Onsite, we can steer you in some pretty good directions. If we can’t help you, we will connect you with people who can.

Since you have already read the finished product of our hard work (CSI Onsite…Techs you can trust) we thought you might like to see our top 10 rejected phrases. Some are silly, some are not really all that reflective of who we are and how we feel about our customers Which is why they were rejected. I hope they make you giggle just a bit. Enjoy your day, and let us know how we can partner with you and your business.


10. CSI Onsite…we have no idea what the “CSI” stands for.

9. CSI Onsite…first of all, your hair looks ridiculous.

8. CSI Onsite…We know way more than you so MOVE!

7. CSI Onsite…Techs with rugged good looks.

6. …Well I can’t print that one, that was a rough day at CSI Onsite, creatively speaking.

5. CSI Onsite…let us fix what you broke.

4. CSI Onsite…no not the T.V. show folks

3. CSI Onsite…You’ll rue the day you didn’t hire us. (This is to be said with a Sean Connery accent)

2. CSI…We will kick GeekSquads butt! Leary gave me quite “The Look” when I (John) even suggested this one.

1. CSI Onsite…Techs who can dance.