VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


My wife informed me that my original title for this post “VDI and other productivity enhancing TLAs” was confusing, she also told in my hair looked ridiculous…She was right about the hair so I quick changed the title to the current iteration.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI, is not new to the IT computing world. In fact in one form or another has been available for over a decade. However, recent advances in this technology have given rise to solutions on an enterprise wide scale. Why is this good news for business owners, IT departments, and end-users/employees?

To answer that question let’s explore the concept of VDI. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is the combination of hardware, software, applications, put together in such a fashion as to provide access to end-users to their personal/customized desktop environment from multiple devices. That is a very basic perhaps oversimplified explanation of VDI, so let’s look at a scenario where VDI would be a great solution for companies IT challenges.

Imagine an organization whose employees utilize specific, customized to desktop-based (as opposed to mobile apps) application/software. Add to this that each end-user will in fact be working from multiple locations and devices. An example of this would be MDs in an HMO. Nowadays, medical doctors in various medical technicians require the ability to access and use industry-specific apps that have been customized specifically for each individual. For some it’s how they track their time, for others it’s a combination timecard/database manager. Because they work across a multilocation/multidevice platform the end-users require a solution that provides access to patient history as well as the ability to interface across multicompany networks. VDI can provide the ability for all of this to take place. In fact any industry where employees would benefit from the ability to access shared and personalized data or apps would benefit from VDI. Some other examples:

– Installers (household appliances, garage doors, commercial and residential fencing, auto glass,
insurance adjusters/agents)

– Home Healthcare Professionals

– Sales Professionals

What does it take for a company to employ VDI? First and foremost in my humble yet correct opinion would be the services of an IT professional familiar with your particular situation; your hardware, software, and real-time usage requirements. This technician must also be familiar with the various VDI solutions work given the multiple options available. One of our technicians explained to me over a lunch we shared the number of licenses/options available through Microsoft’s VDI and the where/when/why involved with choosing the appropriate option. I think I actually fell into a trance…it can be that complex. On top of all of that I learned in to properly implement of VDI solution there are other apps in licenses for those apps that will be involved in implementing the VDI solution… And you really need to know how to mix and match to borrow a fashion metaphor, for everything to work in concert.

VDI also requires hardware that works with VDI. Again I would urge you to work with skilled IT professional and choosing the correct server or perhaps a cloud-based option as you go through the steps of purchasing and implementing the various aspects of the solution.

In subsequent posts I will introduce you to some of our technicians and their insights concerning VDI. Now were not give away our secret sauce or explain how we use our magic pixie dust, however I believe you will benefit from their experience and their passion in understanding this particular solution and how it applies to you and your business.

Until then as always we encourage you to contact CSI Onsite with your questions and invite you to comment on this post. And if you happen to be in Bloomington Minnesota, Monday through Friday – 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, stop in and see us will give you a tour of the international headquarters CSI Onsite. And if you’re lucky Paul Moore will cook up a pork shoulder on the smoker and feed you a good old down-home Southern meal.