Creating Massive Impact

Impacting our communities, CSI Onsite style….


We did a write up a while back on community service and the how the CSI Onsite team tries to impact our communities with service projects and activities.


How do we impact our communities in a positive way on a personal level? It’s not that hard, in fact it’s downright simple and makes such a difference in the individual lives of those around us. Why is it so challenging for our society to converse with a stranger? Ask someone about their day? Learn more about someone you may never see again? I believe it’s partly due to people being bombarded from all sides with text, IM, advertising, email, social media alerts and not to mention using a phone as a phone! People are shutting down, becoming introverted, focusing on ourselves and putting up walls of separation with those around us. By pulling back, we’re able to exist in our own little comfort bubble.


If we interact with other people via technology only, how are we going to have interpersonal relationships that are outside immediate friends and family?


At CSI Onsite, we encourage our team to focus on others first.  I love to hear stories of Laura going out and delivering Dove bars, coffee, donuts or treats to clients.  Our focus is impacting others first, talking about CSI Onsite and our services second.  Even if the recipient doesn’t need or want what CSI Onsite does or offers, it’s still a win since we’ve planted a seed of impact. What if they had a bad morning? Had a death of someone close? Or maybe just received some bad news? Everyone out there is challenged in some way and as we focus on the positive impact to them, we may be the difference in the turnaround of their day.  We never know, so why not try.

We host our weekly tech meetings to talk through what’s working or not working from a business standpoint, but add another question: who did we impact this week and how? We’re encouraging our team to shift their mindset and intentions to impact others in a positive way.


Some simple things we encourage our team to consider when out and about:

          Smile! Sometimes that’s all it takes to add a little light in someone’s day.

          Call your server or cashier by their name. Most of the time they’re wearing a name tag and if not, ask. This may be a great conversation starter because it’s deeper than scratching the surface of a transactional interaction. The next time you see that person, make a point to address them by their name; they will most likely remember you and you’ll have an opportunity to smile and make a connection.

          Ask someone how their day is going, and here’s the part that matters…. listen. People you know are easy, but try asking someone outside your immediate circle of comfort. Be ready for the response, listen and be present. If we ask a question just for the sake of asking, but don’t really care about the response due to distractions, it takes the steam right out of the interaction and will fail to grow.

          Awareness. Be tuned in to your surroundings. If you’re in line and a patron is short of exact change, and you just happen to have it, offer some pocket change to make their day!

          Men and women in service of our country have sacrificed their personal comforts to learn a skill and defend me! Why not offer to pay for their meal sometime, whether it’s public or private.


When we focus on impacting someone positively, the relationship becomes more. If it’s a stranger, customer, or the person sitting next to you, you may learn their name and spark a new relationship. If its co-worker, family member, spouse, child or whomever, we can all be intentional about how we impact those around us.


So the favor I ask is to help us focus on others first; create a positive change for the individuals AND communities in your life.


Thanks for reading and please let us know how CSI Onsite can impact YOU in a positive way!

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church.