Latest Windows 10 Update… Codename: Creators Update

By Michael Knollsystem-software-update-md

Aside from various blog and forum posts regarding the Windows 10 Creators Update (Update 1703), we have seen some real-life issues arise. These are not life threatening to your Windows 10 operating system, but they can range from just plain annoying to temporarily crippling.

When our first customer reported issues after the Creators update, they couldn’t see any text in Windows Explorer. I was able to get my hands on one of the two computers which encountered this issue. I was able to trace the behavior back to an incompatibility with a software which manages printing. When the software was disabled from startup, the text returned to Windows Explorer.

Another customer experienced some issues where the Settings app, notifications, Cortana, and start menu didn’t work. This customer had many business line software applications, for which the path of least resistance was to reload the operating system.

Other clients have reported printers disappearing and printer drivers needing to be changed over to universal drivers.

Bottom line is this: If anyone experiences strange behavior after the latest Windows update, please reach out to us before taking any drastic actions. We will be able to get you back to normal in no time!