How Safe Are Your Passwords

Last month we talked about Cyber-Security and how Small and Medium-sized businesses are prime targets to cyber-attacks.  We wanted to follow-up with creative ways on how these attacks are happening.  So, in this segment we wanted to share a little bit about passwords and how important it is to have a great Password Policy.

Is My Password Safe?

Passwords are the simplest go-to for system security and are the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain.  They give us a false sense of security for both the users and the companies who require them.  Just think of what they are protecting:

  • Massive amounts of sensitive company data
  • Personal Information
  • Banking Information
  • Credit Card Information
  • Manipulating Emails to mimic that you are sending them out

Once passwords are hacked, they have free reign into all your information, and then to what they really want: information they can sell.  It is known that some of the biggest data breaches have happened because companies thought they were protected by their passwords.  Hackers are using more advanced methods to crack these passwords every day.

Passwords should not be too short, too simple or too easy.  Even using strong passwords can be risky if you use the same password for different accounts.  Hackers know that this is a common practice and once the passwords are hacked, they will quickly test it on different websites.

Companies must fight fire with fire, and as long as passwords are the cornerstone of cybersecurity, we will continue to be vulnerable.  Please contact us so we can show you a good Password Practice to implement.  Also, we are still offering our FREE Dark Web Scan to see if any of your passwords have been compromised.

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