About Us

Hello. Thanks for checking out our website.

I’m Mark Wheatley, the president of CSI Onsite, and I’d like to tell you something about the way we work.

We're a team of dedicated IT technicians that put our customers first. Sure, you've heard that before. But we like to think it's different with us.

We take our relationship with you very seriously. Your trust is more important than our immediate profit. We believe that when we treat you right with excellent service at a fair price you'll continue to entrust your IT needs to CSI Onsite. And that's a win for both of us.

We're committed to being professional, resourceful, knowledgeable, respectful, and honest in all of our interactions with you. If you have any different experience with us, we want to know about it and have the opportunity to make it right by you.

It's our goal to make your challenges our challenges. No matter its size, we'll work with you to find a solution to your IT problem. If we aren't a good fit for your needs, we'll recommend alternative providers, even if that provider is a competitor. We know you have a lot of options for managing your IT needs and, while we'll never put down our competitors, we think you'll agree that there's something different about the way we work. Trusted relationships don't grow on trees. They have to be earned. We look forward to earning yours.

Please let me know how we can be of help by calling 952-928-1788 or by completing this brief contact form.

I look forward to meeting you.

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