ICANN – Domain Names & Internet Security

This morning I received an email from my domain name registrar asking me to make sure my contact information is correct. It’s that time of year. Because you are the administrative contact for the following domain names registered at GoDaddy as of 11/4/2015, ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (and/or the associated ccTLD […]

The Cloud – Part 3

In our last two posts, we’ve discussed the basic definitions of cloud services and a few considerations when moving to the cloud.  In our final post of our three-part series, we would like to discuss practical configuration examples we would use  when utilizing “the cloud” for your infrastructure.  (We know, these posts are a little techie/geek-speak… […]

The Cloud – Part 1

<CSI Onsite will be closed on July 3 in celebration of Independence Day> As our nation recognizes and commemorates its independence, we look up to the clouds to watch the lightshow with fireworks. Pyrotechnicians are trusted to help ensure the safety and satisfaction of all spectators…   As we are looking forward to our celebration in the […]

Nearly 1 million new malware threats released every day

By Virginia Harrison and Jose Pagliery   @CNNTech From money.cnn.com  Companies are struggling to fend off cyber attacks as hackers get faster, sneakier and more creative.New reports from the Internet security teams at Symantec (SYMC, Tech30) and Verizon (VZ, Tech30) provide an alarming picture of how difficult it’s becoming for computer users to stay safe […]