Creating Massive Impact

Impacting our communities, CSI Onsite style….   We did a write up a while back on community service and the how the CSI Onsite team tries to impact our communities with service projects and activities.   How do we impact our communities in a positive way on a personal level? It’s not that hard, […]

The Cloud – Part 3

In our last two posts, we’ve discussed the basic definitions of cloud services and a few considerations when moving to the cloud.  In our final post of our three-part series, we would like to discuss practical configuration examples we would use  when utilizing “the cloud” for your infrastructure.  (We know, these posts are a little techie/geek-speak… […]

The Cloud – Part 2

We hope you had a great (and long!) holiday weekend celebrating the fourth!  Last week we discussed definitions and considerations when looking to utilize the cloud.  As you can tell, it’s not as straight forward as some marketers let on.  We know this is a little more on the technical side: just remember we’re here […]

The Cloud – Part 1

<CSI Onsite will be closed on July 3 in celebration of Independence Day> As our nation recognizes and commemorates its independence, we look up to the clouds to watch the lightshow with fireworks. Pyrotechnicians are trusted to help ensure the safety and satisfaction of all spectators…   As we are looking forward to our celebration in the […]

Community service. What’s up with that?

By Mark Wheatley, President CSI Onsite One time I was at a restaurant and I asked our waitress how I could impact her day. She said, “Bring me one of them peanut cluster Blizzard’s from Dairy Queen”. I’m sure she didn’t think we’d actually do this, but one of our team members went to DQ […]

May the fourth be with you…

Star Wars has been a phenomenon for some time.  With a special date like May 4th being dedicated to all things Star Wars, we figured it may be a good time to discuss the “Real” wars going out there in our space – the internet and your network… There are lots of “nasties” that are […]