We’re here when IT breaks.

Technology. Aah…the love/hate relationship we have with it. We love getting more done in less time; and we hate when it breaks. (And it will break). It seems the more we rely on technology — particularly under a deadline — the more likely something goes wrong. When it does, it can seem to take longer than it should to get it working again.

We’re here to get your IT systems going again. Fast. We know downtime steals productivity and sometimes socks a serious blow to your business. Our technicians have the savvy to quickly diagnose and repair even the most vexing problems. Should your computer or network components need to be replaced, we’ll source from local suppliers to get you going as quickly as possible.

Our technicians will respond on-call or on-site to locations within the seven county Twin Cities metro area. If you’re experiencing a problem with your computer, network or telephony system, contact us today. We’ll get right on it. You won’t even need to sign a contract. Now, what could be easier than that?