Ransomware now a BILLION-dollar industry

According to a recent article published by NBC News, Ransomware is now officially a Billion-dollar-a-year crime – and GROWING! If you weren’t already aware, Ransomware is this: “A family of malware that blocks access to a PC, server or mobile device, or encrypts all the data stored on that machine. It’s typically delivered via malicious […]

Data Security Procedure – Preventing Data Breach

Data Security Procedure Welcome to CSI Onsite’s blog page, we’re so very glad you joined us. In this post we continue with part two of a blog that started last week entitled Data Breach in which we discussed this very destructive and prolific cybercrime. Just in case you didn’t catch the previous blog allow me […]

Preventing IT Oops Moments

In our last post (For Pete’s Sake…Write it Down!), we looked at one of the most common causes for our company receiving phone calls…forgetting some vital piece of info. The information could be anything, but it is most common for people to forget access info (passwords, website, URLs, etc…). While we endeavor to keep our […]