Happy Thanksgiving

That’s right! Just for our blog readers we have acquired rare, award winning works of art to celebrate Thanksgiving. These original pieces were rendered in the Guist home studio by Elijah John Caleb, & Izabella (pronounced Eeezw-ah-bellah) Soleil, two of our four children (pornounced chill-dren). That is Si Turkeyson on the left, with a genuine […]

Alas, poor XP! I knew him, Horatio:

Editors note: Our staff writer John Guist was down with illness the past week, so we are giving him a short break to recover. This blog was originally posted in June 2013. I have a new desktop pc. It is awesome. Lightning fast, tons of RAM, a massive 2 TB hard drive, and a 60 […]

Howdy Do Computeroos! More Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows 8 ) for All Y’all

By now I recon most of you had had the chance to witness Microsoft’s newest operating system Windows 8.  Because it is a new OS you will need to discover how to use it efficiently. Some of the ways you have used MS programs and the OS itself will be similar, while others will be […]

Keyboard Shortcuts Abound…Why?

Are you wondering why I (John, the blogger for CSI Onsite) keep presenting you with keyboard shortcuts? Well, I’ll tell you. The truth is I care. I know, sounds trite, but it’s true. Let me explain Human beings are not physiologically designed to be sitting at a desk, for hours at a time, using a […]