Thinking About a Tablet for Christmas?

Purchasing a Tablet…more Christmas IT Advice. Tablets have had an amazing run in the Tech world. Can you remember a time when you wouldn’t see a gaggle of people sitting in a coffee shop poking away at their touch screen tablets? The crazy thing about the thought is that tablets have only been in use […]

Happy Thanksgiving

That’s right! Just for our blog readers we have acquired rare, award winning works of art to celebrate Thanksgiving. These original pieces were rendered in the Guist home studio by Elijah John Caleb, & Izabella (pronounced Eeezw-ah-bellah) Soleil, two of our four children (pornounced chill-dren). That is Si Turkeyson on the left, with a genuine […]

Alas, poor XP! I knew him, Horatio:

Editors note: Our staff writer John Guist was down with illness the past week, so we are giving him a short break to recover. This blog was originally posted in June 2013. I have a new desktop pc. It is awesome. Lightning fast, tons of RAM, a massive 2 TB hard drive, and a 60 […]

A Fantastic Post from Leary Gates

“Those who marginalize others through inattentiveness in how they lead conversations run the risk of being left alone with their underdeveloped ideas. As George Carlin once said, “The reason I talk to myself is that I’m the only one whose answers I accept.” What conversations are you not having?” Good day to you! I just […]

More Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Welcome back to our Blog! Well let’s jump right into another efficiency blog involving your keyboard. Wrong type of keyboard…seriously wrong. That’s more like it!! We want to continue to explore using keyboard shorts cut to navigate and carryout various computers commands and function. Use keyboard short cuts has the dual benefit of increasing productivity […]