BYOD is fast becoming the newest buzzword in the corporate world. If you don’t know (Are you kidding me? How can you not know what BYOD means?) BYOD is an acronym meaning Bring Your Own Device. Sounds simple, even innocuous doesn’t it? BYOD is not simple and can actually lead to some serious issues in […]

2013…We Bid You Adieu!

Can you believe another year has come and gone? If you are like me, you might be scratching your head and asking yourself “Where did the time go?” Maybe this happens more as we age (I’m 47 yrs. old) and as we get busier in our work & personal life, but it seems to me […]

Merry Christmas

used with permission from Middle Creek Vineyard Church From all of the team at CSI Onsite we wish you a very blessed Christmas and the best of life for the new year.

When Does Tech Hinder Society?

Greetings from the frigid hinterland of Minnesota, as I write it is – 13o F on the thermometer. Not a friendly environment outside my office window this morning, which makes sitting in front of a computer a pleasant alternative. I recently read a blog and listened to a spot on MPR / NPR entitled: Who […]

The Mad Dash Toward Christmas

  Oh yes…it is that time of year again, when people in their desire to have the perfect gift to give go absolutely insane. Whatever holiday you celebrate in this time of year you will want to give gifts that represent your love for the people you give them to, correct? As far as purchasing […]

Happy Thanksgiving

That’s right! Just for our blog readers we have acquired rare, award winning works of art to celebrate Thanksgiving. These original pieces were rendered in the Guist home studio by Elijah John Caleb, & Izabella (pronounced Eeezw-ah-bellah) Soleil, two of our four children (pornounced chill-dren). That is Si Turkeyson on the left, with a genuine […]

Reflection…practice the Pause.

  Thanks you very much for spending some of your valuable time reading our Blog! For today’s post I thought we should carry out one of the world’s most ancient, productive, and paradoxical disciplines…Reflection. It’s paradoxical because we are a society obsessed with believing more is better and rest is a waste of time. In […]

Spring Cleaning Part 2 and Bloopers!!

We had a fun time creating a video demonstrating how you can clean the inside of a computer.  My children participated so I encourage you to view both videos: SpringClean CSI – (good bumper music) Bloopers At the very least “Bloopers” will make you giggle. And the music at the end will get your blood […]